Wet the other gy twetity Above is

* Taiimon Wilt Represent : Party

On Wednesday afternoon of week the Conservatives of South Hast-

Seren: -

(SHuge piles of pulpwood logs being rolled into the Thesé Jogs are_on their’ way to the new Dalhousie newspr! nt paper mill, The black dots swarming over me _lumber, piles are not files but men busy tumbling logs into the river.


SOR EMIESITGG EX WEEE the Gaw Blin Foal SiaawoAT, has participated, she has won five and twéfity seconds after racing even with Britain's scratch yacht, Lulworth, for the whole forty

& layout showing Sir Thomas; his pride, Shamrock V; the famous silver jug he covets so | dential section of the city Is not be- And the United States yacht which first took away the trophy ¢rom Britdin many years ag2. P


eo u——___.

) Genera Expectation Mr. W. E.| €7%_¥ill be in attendance.

The concensus of opinion Is thut “Mr. W. E. Tummon, e¢- 4LP., of Tweed Village who has r-presented the rid- ing since 1925 will be tnanimously

this ' Chosen as the standavd-bearer of tho

party. Other names inay possibly be

‘ngs will’ assemble in the city~ hall submitted to allow them ts speak. In

F bere for the purpose of se‘ecfing a

additidén to the address by the can-

i candidate for the approaching federal didate eddresces will be detivered by

@lection. Delegates have been selected

Mr. H. A. Stewart ex-M.P., of Brock:

from the various polling sub divisions ; Ville and Dr. I. D Cotnam ex-MP., of the rid‘ng and no doubt many oth- of Pembroke. Mr. George A. Gtokes,

Reeve ‘of Hungerford Townsh'p and

SSE "| President of the riding Association

Coming Events


will be the presiding officer.

Previous to the selection of the can- didate the annual meeting of the Asso- ciation wil] be heid when officers will

Hotel.yHete your hands read. Know] <¢lected. Indications are that the yourself, ability, for what best ad-| convention will be one of the largest apted: and indications of health.| ever bves hela: Ip: in the constituency. >

Room 'S4, ten till ten, $1, ., three days ae only. §2-1td

DANCE. WITH . THE CROWD AT » Kerr'g Clubhouse, Tuesday, June 2rd,to your favourite band. The

where everybody dances.

Dancing 8.20. S2-1td

EUGHRE AND DANCE AT THE} Constable Teard® In Tracing

= dohnatone Academy tonight at 8.15. Admission 35¢ including tax. ; Jo-1te

SPECIAL ATTRACTION AT RILEY'S Pavilion, June 3rd, featuring ‘Nor-

man Pender and his Isle of Blue|teen pressed blocks of c

Orchestra. J2-1ta

BAY OF QUINTE COUNTRY CLUB dance, Tuesday evening,



s and their friends.

THE REGUIAR MONTHLY MEET.|rear of Goodman's second hand

of.the Women’s Christian Asso.

will te held on Tuesday,

x Tunes 10th, in the Council Chamber, City Hall, instead of June 3rd.


Sharp - Police Work Brings Reward Stolen in Copper. Found, Man Escapes|*

of the gangway by the Crystal Hotel | Dear Sir— and his attention was drawn to the car by the racke,y erpearance. There were a man and a woman tn the front seat and a little girl holding a ‘pup in the back seat. Stored in the police station are thir ence plate at the rear being covered ‘opper cach with dirt, it was impossible to get Lhe

valued at} number but part of the plate number $100 the result of good police work by|was secured. Following up the course of the car, the constable went to the tear of the hotel and making a search found + hese copper blocks at the rear of the second hand store.

Car’ Comes Upon Stolen Goods

Constable Issard la‘e Saturday :night. The man in possession of this’ copper was not apprehended but a good des-

June 3rd. 7 to 10 for all members |¢Tiption was obtained by the constable M31-2tdjan da searching investigation will be

made. The copper was found at the store but Mr. Goodman did not claim the Property, when the police inves{igated,

Late Saturday night, Constable Is-

m31-2tq'sard saw an old touring car drive out

yRivér by New Brunswick

ed that the copper did not belong to him. The police station was notified And the copper removed to the police} along. Please keep me informed. stn ion. The copper ts in long strips some of it wide and some narrow. It (8gd.) does not look as if it had been used.



Nearly Twelve Thonsand Dol- lars fo Other Construction Reported

Belleville is bulldinz, It wa- learned from the c'ty engineer Charles A. Mott this morning that’ during the month of May there were sixteen build ing permits Eight of these per- for thetconstruct‘on

of new in this city, From these facts # can ly ‘be seen that Belle ~ ville’s rectlon Is keeping pace with business Wistrics 11) ree

1 of new bulld'ngs ting of the old.

The following comparative figwes will prove usively that the resi-

hind the business district in building end renovating.

Month of May 1930—residential per- mits, $18,300.

Npnth of May 1930—other buildings $11,675. 3

Following the permits issued dur ing the ne fen tte »

May 3, 1 . J. Diamond, 313 Front Street. Bullder P. G, Denike, cost of building $1.300.

May 2, 1830—Gospel Tabernacle, West Moira {Street, contractor P, G Dentke, cost of buiiding $4,000.

May 3, 1930—Mr, Bruce Beavis, Ann Street, contractor E, F. Rutherford, cost of building $3,300.

. V.. Doyle, 337 Char “self, oat’ of

building $200 ;

May 6, 1930—Annie C. D'amond, 185 Pront Street, butider R P., White, cost “| of building $500. m

May 8, 1930—W. J. Ritz, 24 Wallp bridge Road, builder self, cost of build ing $2,000.

May 8, 1930-—W. H. Panter, 118 West Bridge Street, contractor Mr, Wilder, cost of bullding $3,200.

May 15, —George Thrasher, & Park CTAPP MADVETC | Street, builder 8. Hall, cost $180. STOCK MARKETS | stay 1s—sonn Ronsty, 389 coleman

Quotations by Jamieson Bone and | Street, cost $2,000. Company, May 16—0O. Johnson, Bleecker Ave., There was some weakness in the cop, ntractor ©, Johnson, cost $300. per stock: on accourit of further divi-; sy 19—-E. F. Rutherford, 242 Ann dend cuts by big American producers. | Street, cost of building $225. The gold stocks were active and stron-| May 20—A, Meeks, Parker Street, ger, rest of market quiet. Tomorrow ; builder self, cost $300, » will be a holiday in Canadian markets} May 21—P. 8. Anderson, 300 Front but New York quotes will be received | Street, buildery P. G. Denike, cost a8 usual. Quotations at 2.50 were. $5,000.

NEW YORK May 28—H J, Carter, 101 N. Moira

Anaconda 59 7-8; Am. Can 147 1-2;] Street, builder self, cost, $3,500. C.P.R. 202 1-2; Chrysler 35 3-8: Col] May 30—J. A. Wessels, 69 Lewis St. Gas 83 7-8; Cons Gas 133 3-8; Gen. | bullder sel, cost $2,000. Motors 51; Hudson 43 1-2; Radio $4] May 30—H. A. Kemp. 67 Lewis St. 1-8; SONJ 80; U. S. Steel 173; West. } builder = pone


(Continued at on p page 2)

Elec. 182 1-2; Paramount 70 3-8; War-

ner Bros 64 7-8: Stewart 30 1-2; Un. U.S.

Gas Improv 44 3-4; Radin gel 43;

152; Chem Research 685; Dome 910; TY

Falconbridge 380; Hollinger 650; How-

ay. tc saceonn hey i000; Internation | _"ernyy nine Tbundred names” It ta

al Nickel 3280; Kirkland Lake 74; Lake | "Ported, are in the hands of the the enthusiasm that the celebration is arousing in the breasts of those who visit the Quinte City is shown In

the following letter:

Abana 78; Amulet 54; pe reg pe

Mctals 310; Big Missourt 56; Calmont committee in charge of the Old Boys’ Reunion this rcummer. Evidence of Mr. Hope McGinnis,

Belleville, Ont.

I just heard from a Belleville old boy that some time the. ist of August you are golng to have some doing: over there. I am vice-commodore of our yacht club and might be able to work up a dunch to come over if I had all the information.. T alwaya make it a point, in fact it 1s a habit, to stop at least two or three times a summer at Belleville, I always have & gorgeous time every time I stop so 1 certainly do not want to miss any- thing big. If I can have a good time Just stopping off ordinarily, how much better time in a big smash, especially if I can persuade the gang to come

On account of the lis-

Mr. Goodman was notified but stat-

Very truly yours, . E. L. DAY, Sacket Harbor, N.Y.


NEARLY $30,000] = Restieth) Pea For test EQRMER WARDEN


1980, ye


June 3rd. being a statutory holl- day there will be no issue of The Ontario Intelligencer tomorrow, Banks and some other institutions will recognize the holiday while most of the merchants wi'l clo-e thelr stores In the afternoon only.


Wax Warden. of Hastings County Over Forty Years Ago


Story of One of Most Interest- ing Careers fn. Hastings County

Prominent in municipal, political and fraternal affairs all his life, Henry Gilbert Bleecker, a life long Fesident of the Bay of Quinte district died in the Belleville Genera! Hospital yesterday morning shortly after seven o'clock following a brief iliness.

In his elghty-first year, he was of United Empire Loyalist descent, a son of the late Henry Bleecker and Sarah Leavens and a grandson of the late Squire John R. Bleecker, the pioneer of the family, who settled in Sidney Tewnship, after migrating -from Al- bany, New York, following the War of Independence.

The late Henry Gubert Bleecker was born on April 18th. 1650, on Lot 13 of Concession 3, of Sidney Town- ship.

Early in life ‘he became devoted to agriculture which he made hig life's occupation. Hi, farm was situated rin “éite"ot-the’ most. prosperous ereas of Sidney Township, He retired fif- teen years ago and spent his declining years in Belleville.

The late Mr. Bleecker after ‘attend: ing the public schools of Sidney Town- ship, enrolled at the Quaker Seminary at Bloomfield, Prince Extward County.

After his gradul he married E1 Lawrence who predecei sev- eral years,

The late Henry Bleecker terested in municipal affairs, ne as councillor in Sidney Township and was afterwards elected Reeve, which position he occupied for several years. In 1888 he was named warden for the County of Hastings and was the oldest Uving man to occupy that post. Only in January of this year he was hon- oured at the Chamber of Commerce bahquet held in conjunction with the County Council here, when he was the reciplent of a gold-headed cane.

The ate Henry Bleecker wag always an ardent advocate of Liberalism and in 1898 he was honoured by fils col- leagues when he was chosen candid- ate for the riding of West Hastings, in the election for the Ontario Legisla- ture. His opponent was the late Sheriff Morrison and the latter was successful. by a small majority.

On his retirement from Co, Council he was made County Road Superin- tendent imucceed/ng the’. Mate Peter VanKleck, He held this responsible post for fifteen years, until he came

here to make hig home, Simeon Fox, the present official was.then appoint- ed to the position. The late Mr. Bleecker was one of the most popular and efficient County Roed. Commis- soners.- *

He was a member of Franck Lodge ALP. & A.M. at Frankford, under which auspices the funeral will be held Burtal will be made. at Front of Sid- ney cemetery on Tuesday.

Dougall Bleecker, who resides on Cedar street, Trenton, Is the ohe sur- viving son. Oné daughter the late Ina L., died in Vancouver, B.C., one

their ves in a collision Swedish steamer Inger motorship Literno. The” with but three of its crew of 18 saved.

—_—— Leviloes EST TES Guamufectr. ed from the despised Jerusalem art!-


Dr. T. D. Pattulo, who was mani- mously elected leader of the Liberal party of British Columb‘a at: the con- vention of the British Columbia Lib- eral Assoziation at Kamloops, BC.



Kihgston Pulpit For Holloway Street United Church Minister

Rev. L. S. Wight of Holloway St. United Church, Belleville, goes to Cal- vary Zion Church at Kingston, under & decision of the settlement board of The Bay of Quinte Conference of the United Church which met last week at Cobcurg.. Rev. Harold B, Neal of Wooler, comes to Holloway St. at the | sons end of the present: conference year, which is the end of June.

One of the busiest’ conferences has closed. People of Cobourg, made the visit of the ministers and laymen en- Joyable. The election ef the Rev. A. J. Wilson of Napance, as president of the conference on the first ballot was s i very popular election. | On Sunday, Rev. Prof. J. R. Watts of Queen's University, addressed the congregation of St. Peter'y Anglican Church at Cobourg on invitation of the rector, Rey. Dr. Boyle. The Ang- | ticans had put their parish hall at the service of the conference and in every way showed the greatest hospitality.

The Belleville Presbytery changes are:—

P. J. eckley from Marmora to Adolphustown.

J. A. Plant from Adolphustown to Hallowell.

P. Horton from Milford to Bath.

8. FP. Dixon from Bath to Milford.

H. B. Neale from Wooler to Hollo- way Street, Belleville.

L. &. Wight from Belleville to Cal- vary Zion. Kingston.

Price from Coboconk Bridgewater.

A, D. Waite from Bridgewater to Tamworth.

I. N.yBeckstead from Tamworth to Ektorado.

R. 8. Eagleson from Sebright to Flinton and Cloyne,

P. H. Howard, from Warkworth to



R. W. Street from Stockdale to Morven.

Roy M. Seymour from Morven to Cataraqul.

A. M. Wootten ordained Sunday, re- mains at Plainfield. -J. 8. Everson from Flinton§ and Cloyne to Queensboro,

James Wood (lay supply) from Plev- ya to St, Oja.

J. M. Praser from Haley's to Stock-

dale. |

Appropriation of $5,275,000 has been made for new Cleveland post offices.

oes vase

Disobed lence Campaign is Threatened by Rain—Abandon ~ Campaign A: gainst the Salt Laws.

BOMBAY, me 2-OP—Drizmigng

| ean et pre Beeees teeaaen

day from a cloudy forbidding ‘aby, making the first of the rainy season, which comes every summer with at- rival of the Monsoon. This year the \ rain will mark the end of the impurt- ant phase of Indian Nationalist ‘Cha Discbedience Campaign for showers of teday will be torrents tomorrow and salt deposit areas will become moras- ses of mud and slime, in accessible-to the raiders, who have harrassed the police guavding them. The final raid of year at Wadala was undertaken yesterday by {fifteen thousand Nation- alists. The police and troops however, poricceresai: Ret aie am Samat


Seventeen Planes Froth eels Borden Circle Belleville at Noon 4

Belleville was saluted from the at today. When business men and em- ployees were returning to their labors after the lunch hour a defeaning roar was heard in the western sky and like bald eagles seventeen brightly colored planes came off the horizon and swooped down on. the Quinte Olty. This was a squadron from the Royal Air Force st Camp Borden on the Way to the gigantic alr meet that will be held in Kingston tomorrow., The squadron did not wing thelr way past the city without a greeting and a fit- ting gesture was made when ‘€icy cireled the city hall at a low altitude, the pilots in many instances waving to the redestrians. The circling was ‘in perfect formation of threes, the sq ron and flight commander leading the way. The machines were of the latest design. The squadron also alrport at Trenton, which will be the new heme of the Air Force in the near future.

KITCHENER, Ork, June 3.--Un- known aeroplane, believed to be one of eighteen United States army plan- es from St..Alfred field for Kingston, crashed today between here and Pet- ersburg. The pllot, landed safely by parachute, Companiong after aicer- taining he was safe continued thér way.



beer PRINCE AT LEVEE «+ ; London, June 2 (CP)—The Pritice of Wales drove in state today from Buckingham Palace to St. James’ Palace where he held a levee in betrtt of tte King, who fs {ll with rheurtia- tism. *

Playing at “Draw”, Like Bandits, : Youth Shoots Friend Trhough Temple

Both Patled Guns and Bachan’s Bullet Kills His Youth

Avuburne, Ms., Jnne 2—Desire to em- Mate gun play to copy proclivities of fictional heroes resulted yesterday In

———— Ee against Robert Buchanan’ 16..his com-

panion. The boys were reading a‘ de- tective story and both had revolvers © in their possession according to Bacfi~ anan'who said Wing tuned suddénty and bousted he could beat his friend wt the “draw.” > tw Both pulled guns and Buchanan's

the death of Donald Wing 14 and the} gun was discharg& he drew, the

issuance of manstaughter ce ee enecen ees eae

PALES POR VT CD eS Pee Pe Oe i OF ian se kp ae ee

a ee AO tba

WR PA see ye ee ee

SA PS eaten


. Mr. sand Mrs. ‘6 Gebtee'Fealel mi Filthy | Celebrate Golden Wedding

"BETTER air inyees (‘mate friends as a slight remembrance

af the event. To few merried couples comes the

Mr. Teale came to Belleville in 1369

BRAN FLAKES > Phappiness of enjoying 52 years of .wed and in 1860 married Hannah O'Hagan

~~ | ded bliss but that event: was celebrat- | of Prince Edward County, at: Picton:

ed ‘yesterday at the home cf Mr..end| Rev. W. Loucks was the officiating

Mys. George Teale, 323 Fosier avenue, | Minjfer on that eventful day, while when with the family the couple quik«


Cotton crepe sleepers in plain shades of sky, maize; peach and-pink, with long sleeves and ankle isc length, back fastening style, sizes 2-4 years

ttended the bride and James Brown si'ghtly ‘indisposed and had to. re deceased, icted as best man. :


Silk and Wool Bere‘s for misses and children, shades of Sweet William, maize and ‘white Special tt

ORGANIZE GLIDER CLUB before the festivities of happy couple took up their home in Cuxmpireliford has forged to the front -Jover but Mr. Teale. Js Belleville and through the long years in the matter of flying and a glider Beror setter Meter health ‘after spending 53 have made legion of friends. Mr. clip has -Deen:formed. -Michael Sin- ® vice with the old Grand Trunk .and| Teale has slways been \active in Mas-

whole wheat. And bran! ¢ cla'r who has been e pilot with the dded the Canadian © Nationgl, ‘re tring in| one affatrs and today is a life mem- Tharsis just coensh 2 ber of. Moira. Lodge A.¥.. A.M.,

Leavens. Brothérs' Air Service has) be mildly laxative. 1922. His fellow employees, the Broth

been | instrumental in: organizing 3 nee Pree erhood of Locomotive ‘Engineers did | Moira -Chapter.No..7 R.A.M. King similar organization here and a mect- Earby pate one you'll | not forget the event and Mr. and Mrs ing will be held st-the Green’Motor| F4:kes are Seca Teale were| presented with a purse of

Sales; tonight to: formulate ‘ans. It gold. were sent by all:these orders on. the ~ In.the red-and-green pack- The family of Mr. and Mrs. William] 3tta‘nment of the -Soth anniversary.


Rayon panties in shades of pink, rose, nile, maize, sky, etc. All with contrasting trims. Sizes: 35¢e 8\to 12 years. Special 2 Bs

Baldwin Preceptory, No..6 and Rame- sese Shrine, of Tororo. sc 1

tsiexpéected that fifteen. of Belleville's .* Made by Ki has Lows Jyoung flying’ enthusiasts will take a] - dn, Gutarta, 2 elloae | Pie | bonkegitbepmrepitaip Pepper| All will wish Mr. and Mrs. Teale many membership jn the new,club, The : ¢ 3 ee oath uve daughter) -also yours more of re of happlly man married ilfe. ° BOYS’ TOOKE SHIRTS. 4 gliders xtreme! h of gold. When The On- FS opera pte act ioc f, tarlo Intelligencer repoter called to- oper {ats Herbert Oo epee Cogewell, = Best value in fine shirts for boys, Tooke: -make, sizes 12 Stody. ‘Today's extra holiday was ee Es <4 iw center x, sweetly scented | the oldest ‘cig erred ea |]| to 14 1-2 collars. Nice new 98¢ granted to them at the request cf Col- 72 XEAES OLD TOMOREOW Seeeencs fee ms sent by inti-> v7 U8 8. - i patterns, each BE Shey perce Mr. Alfred Camptell, '25.Grove St, —---—-—- BOER \.

*<onel Hil, inspecting officer of the cadets, on account of the rain Inter- * fering with arrangements on inspec- tion afternoon of last week. Tomor~ “row, June 3rd. the Collegiate Institute ‘and Bt. faichael's will also be closed 4n ‘addition to the four, public schools,

wil eshte the seventy second on-| BB RAN FLAKES Ford Announces Lower “Prices

niversary of his birth tomorrow, J third. Mr. Campbell has been @n 1n- | cesses defatigable worker in connection with |

Sree URGE PUBLIC TO [oa in ae pa AE ae

terest is keenly appreciated. 5 to $55 on Cares ton $530, model A commercis! chassis

eet mere (CLOPERATEWITH). 22" cee eee sage | niche delivery, $510, reduced $15. 2

little girl. At 10:45 this morning, o little gir evening the first dinner Now

“aged about six years, while playing on | It has always been the epposlt brewery dance of the summer season will be | 's policy of the pint aca ba ony given at the Bay of Quinte Country RACE OFFICIAIS EAST WINDSOR, Ont, June 2.—| Port Motor Company of Canada to



‘rok ara, wee eve 78 |G th wed Eno he Deg et of fd ct ey nee a tra in attendance. season froin $15 to $55! ¢ s' Palnfully truised the chlla’s tntures| eances proved one of the highlights) Many Entrants In ‘Trenton- |e _smnmunced 9 W. R. Canptet, ane ie aN abe TOP-NOTCH DRY CLEANING SOLD AT PRICES daughter of Mr. and Mrs: Ed. Rayner, cf an otherwise dull summer social) - Belleville Road Race president of the Ford Motor Company] est reductions, ew prices, “These lat- THAT MEAN SAVINGS FOR YOU. -O.1GR: fireman, who reside at 329 1-2 alan: ap tea sfeemeees ee ord “Tomorrow pit a dinnited. The reductions} much as $55 Rag rom 15 toa Z be a hall- y. Severs urna ~ = lective Monday, ie Be Front iareet. seca have been ananged and if the} Because of the construction work at] The new prices fob. A ease = the large volume of business achiev- | CAREFUL, CLEVER WORK ys —— ments have been ananged smapected| the lower bridge the Trenton to Belle-| and the amounts of the redvetlone fol-| the rmespccas fa seo a ae, QUICK SERVICE. SENSIBLE PRICES es a ‘Eagan + aw. | that the course will be’ crowded from ville Relay and Bicycle race which} jow: Fordor sedan, $720, reduced $55; hes Aen aes for a continuation of the! : i ees jena Renee of Raw:| oy. moming until dark, ‘Tie. del-| takes place tomorrow morning, will) cabriolet $750, and town sedan $795, business for the remainder of the! Bt ‘don's ploneers celebrated ifs ninetleth |) 116 Tennis Club will have a chance| finish up along Highland avenue, in-| reduced $40; model A 1 1-2 ton a okie ins 00 ‘birthday ‘Thursday. Mr. 15] a1so, to finish the tournament that] stead of coming down the hill a5 1] truck chassis, $610, r.duced $35; cou The most recent reduction in Ford : bd sone of the district's fewfmembers Of} —. started on the 2th pf May. the case of the initial running, last) 595, sport coupe, $630, rape ni was last November when the : mocesceres fens Shep es year. Although tho committee con-| $595, reduced $25; roaditer. $520, phae | wa cmaoneay. ation of West Hun BOWLING SEASON OfENS sidered finishing at the bottom off ‘age from $6 to $7 8 day. ; Church, of which he {s a prominent] «rhe Belleville Lawn [Bowling Club|Murney Hl. they decided it was not white line extending right across the Se | member, presented him with a bouquet | yi officially open the on tht| fair to the runners or cyclists in the| Toad. Relay teams which are proceed-| the cold snap. was lightly affected by; phoes 955 25 Campbell Street

l |

‘of roses, In honor of his natal day. | icing’s Birthday, June HM. Gome spe-| case of s sprint at the finish it would| {ns from Belleville to Trenton can > : clal features have been arranged yor| mean they would have to step it out leave their runners off at the different REV. L. M. SHARPE ON. VISIT the holiday and a large wimout o | down the steep grade which would be eartng saa at the five mile

Rev. L. M. Sharpe, pastor of the | tawn bomen) oe is expected. _. hard on the runners and dangerous ring t told.d Congregational Church at. Grand for the bicycle riders. frost. Friday phe the as teen heavy | ros! wreak-!

Sion smo orn, mice| ° STOCK MARKETS. | ot te eat pies we te re ee Bee, HILLIER HARD. . ‘noted

(Special to Ontario Intelligencer) y

Hiller, June 3.—Parmers in Hilller and Wellington district suffered un-

Belleville THURSDAY,


ee visiting In the city after a year’s: vinctal officers will co-operate in con

% sence. Mr. Sharpe spoke last ‘wiénige | _- cContiqued srg page f A? “gramteig the traffic and tn this connee- [Nazene and tts ea aed at Point Anne in his former charge.| Shore 2250; Mifintyre 1905; Mining] tion the public are asked to help out | tomato luction it was hardest hit. Breaking of conditions in Michigan.| Corp 163; Noranda 2890; Newbec 16;]in the following manner. ,Please do HIT BY. FROST. po pty enraged sees a0 at thelr Mr. Bharpe told The Ontario Intelli-] Pend Oreille 170 Sherritt Gordon 205;| not stop cars slong highway right at Plants completely

killed by the blight. It has been con

¥ gencer. that business was showing ‘a| Sudbury Basin 265; Siscoe 32; Sylvan-| the points of exchange for the run- se y falling off. The people of hls charge] ite 53; Teck Hughes 715; Treadwel'| ners, as this Js able to cause confus- SOME ESC APED pia ig eae neti pet one quarter Bae cheba vary loyal to him and the past’ yukon 450; Ventures 183; Vipond 138; )1on and a blockage. Please do not ! isi. gcena Stans: the tuctoek n ruinea, ee been a good one in- the| waite Ackerman 260; Wright Har-| drive along just in ‘front of @ runner : the plants were in a tes supplying + | greaves 223. rahe ee a hon ad No Rise ‘in Prices Are Anticl- rer fear SOCCER GAMES TOMORROW BRITISH GIRL car. pated Through Frost at ese are being replan' “FIIER IS C.B.E-| the starting point of the races to- Killing quickly as possthte. There appears

eee ohnson, intre| morrow will be at the Town Hall, E es @ scarcity of plants in some outlined tomorrow..wnen a challenge| London, June 2—Amy J n, 25 PER CENT SUFFER areas of this County and ca game will be played between Belle- ) pid British girl flyer, who recently com Pegiog and ~ cpeiges —— the farmers will suffer heavily. sad ¢ | Same eee eevee pe : ville. and Kingston United at Pine| pleted a flight from Croydon England, | for —s biggie ses Frankford and North ,County | **5 4 large acreage of tomato ‘plants TWICE DAILY - 2-8 P.M. DOORS O ! =. |, Street School Grounds, The kick-off | to Australia, tias been awarded honor large colored sign placed slong Reported to Have and {t was only last week that the MA. PEN - | 3. will take place at 5.30 p.m. The King-| of the Commander of British Empire right hand side of the road, (when Suffered growers recelved thelr annual supply. : ;

es conte} hold the Se and dis-| in, the King’s Birthday honor list. i travelling eastward) also a wide paz The frost was the worst eperienced in DOW Bie + With the return of warm weather, | th's district at this time of year for OWNTOWN TICKET SALE. CIRCUS DAY.


The Picture You Tie Nobody Would Dare Make! (ti cymes ae ame tee : ——_—_—— sete

sppears to have been aveyied. Priday

caiee caeiasana Ge eae Personals | ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. ». i

—————— 3

~*~. 3 y thousands of tomato and bean plants y were ‘destroyed, seems to have missed = BIG DOUBLE SHOW AT THE é : Belleville akogether. * Mr. and Mrs. Alfred McEwen and 1 A Hy & i F | “None of ovr plants were touched} daughter of Woodstock, Ont, accom- + by frost,” Giving & Son reported this| Panied by Mrs. Cyril Berkley of Brant Y : morning. “We were undoubtedly| fcrd, were guests of thelr sister, Mrs. Wri es persona lly lucky but we did not lost a thing. As| J- E- L. Mason, 169 Foster avenue, | To ° ht d T d 3 = A matter of fact I don’t think that] over the week end. ni an a bo ut any Belleville gardens were visited by | g ues ay a frost.” Residents, when queried this| Mrs. Thcmas Kelso and Miss Kelso, | SPECIAL MATINEE TUESDAY , a, morn:ng, said that their gardens came | f Belleville, Ont, are the guests of { Py E A ie OF through the ordeal unscathed. Mr.| Mrs. William McNab, Grey avenue, for N THE STAG ae See BW. ee M Givins was of the opinion that back | 2 few days.—Montreal Star. Th G h s k Ce te, - of College Hill suffered the worst dis- —_— e ra am toc Oo aster in this district, while Prince Mr. and Mrs. Earl Randolph (Y K h Edward County escaped scot-free. Rochester, N.Y,, visited Mr. d ou Know their Reputation) G. T. Harris. truck gardener, of | Mrs. N. Hall, Cedar“Sireet, ovef’ the PRESENT THE KNOCKOUT COMEDY-DRAMA ' Belleville, was another fortunate mar- | ¥¢ck-end. 4 ae are é Delete, was snot fortunate mar- (What Jane Brought Home IT-TELLS THE |. = < > > UBS P| ‘out having any toss trom frost. He Mr. and Mrs. J. Babcock of. Osh- n SECRETS R d'd not lose even one little plant. | awa arrived-in Belleville yesterday to BO: , MEN DIE “So far as 1 could hear on Saturday | attend the funeral of Mr. C. Bene- ON THE SCREEN be TO HIDE. morn‘ng’In the market place.” Mr. | dict. Bs Harris stated to The Ontario Intelli- = The most extraordinary a gencer this morning, “Frankford and} Mr. Jack Davis, of Rochester, | Picture in years.» The s the etangn and = ee x peer his parents, Mr. ff} ; most powerful drama in = was hard on day . In| N. Davis. fact, I guess the whole north country| Mr. “Bouncer” Holway of Saginay. Fears iA EPPING SEY is: / eae teuiched Michigan, has returned to this ch. Vof the riseJand ‘fall of a T. W. Bamford had heard of no| -Mr. Bob Chadwtck of this city j great ventriloquist. Gor-

more damage this-morning. Himself| motored to Toronto -for the week- | Zeous scenes in tethnicol-

if. n = ; : suffering heavily, he is now prepared | end. cpateealt lor. Singing, dancin, - Y i E Rh ein 2 Toe 1 4 with to start all over again. , Mr. Jack Wills of Niagara Falls is ‘Tet of ey mk Oni =F A { r A x JEAN No R'se in Prices visiting his friends In Belleville for apa estra of

Le 1125. S

ARTHUR > It is not anticipated that there will|three days. Mr. Wills ts a former

Aviat; | necesarfly be a rise in tomato prices| Belleville boy and is now working KAY \ ip. | this fall. Literally millions of tomato| with the Hydro Electric Power Com- Directoa br_Jamee FRANCIS {| plants are grown in this district, espe-; mission at the Pails. - = 4 cially fn Prince Edward county andj Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clarke and Mr. + B E. Li L. E. Harry. Langd: the frost seems to have touched aland Mrs. W. Strachan and) son if it’s at the Capitol

Sf Taikomedy —T Reptcy tai. nrth-oast-+ "BOR jamme ag fa Es OS ace aE : ma Samora ® Screen ent saatings: - | Jon ticting suave cppeal mreboe tor ! AG You. Know Tuesday-Wed neeuay All market gardeners agree that)the months of June and July, of J

‘ings Talkartoos §| only: about twenty-five percent of the} Mrs. A. L. Suliman left today for ENDS TONIGHT —: NO, NO, NANETTE—Th. e perfect Musical’ Comedy—Brimful of Fun i ee arr peat wala |ea'ane coavention Ging Red In hat | ce AL St. John Tatkomedy Scream—Graham McNamee Newscasting 7.15, 915 Rrince Eaward, thd largest Ieoal ar city this week. .

It’s the ext show in town

cs ° ERECT SS ee are rad PLE EID RIESE gn nes pain bs 5 KR LORY RAISES A Tafa eel | { t


a - Reduced



new prices for Ford ‘cars and Trucks Roadster .-. .~ $520 $54) 820 a-Fordor Sedan . $720 $775 “$55 “Phaeton... . $530 “$550 ‘$20 Town Sedan . . $795 -$835. 40° Coupe... 585 $605 Delivery. $510 $525 $15" : ‘Sport Coupe Ss 630 $605 “$25 Model A Commerciat

~ De Luxe Coupe $655 $670 $15 Chassis . ... $415, $435 -$20 "4 Cabriolet. .°. $750 -$790—- -$40 Model AA 11-2 Ton i ‘Tudor Sedan . $595 $60 $5 = Truck Chassis . $610 $645 $35:

~All Prices F. O. B. East Windsor, Ontario. Taxes Extra. 9 =~.

It has always. been the policy of the Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited, to pass on eters: to the public the advantages of economies effected in manufacturing

~ These latest reductions, range from $15 to as much as $55 a car. are made possible by the - CS es large volume of business in 1930 ee toe eet

' To-day, the new Ford is outselling every other automobile in Canada -by a large and ie constantly increasing margin. Every purchaser shares the benefits of that leadership ‘in -

_. lower: prices and higher quality. The Ford leads in sales because it leads in value,” ~~



. : Reductions range from $15 to $95. Following are the eS

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| Wants Friends

To Know of It “For - several years 1 didn’t © feel physically “up to par’, I lacked energy and vitality, my appetite was poor and I was subject to frequent attacks


of indigestion. ‘Then a severe attack of influenza lef} me more weakened than ever. I started taking Sargon and its invigorating effects were mar- velous. I have o splendid appetite, haze gained six. pounas ‘and never have the slightest trace of Indigestion. Tm filled: with new strength and energy now. My liver is active and

whole system seems reconditioned

‘and regulated. \I found both a spring




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“Ch ill Assist in Meet “Cheques Will Assist in Met

tonic and a wonderful strength bulld- er whe 14 Sargon and I want all friends to know about it."— Mrs, Amy Manson, 9 First